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USA: Kasmore Rhedrick

An Internet Specialist as USA CyberDodo Ambassador

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Kasmore Rhedrick is fascinated by the many different ways the global community creates, manages, structures and distributes content to communicate with the world. He began his exploration of mass communication in the green monochrome monitor, dot matrix printer era where he filed daily "column inches" as a beat reporter for a daily newspaper; the Asbury Park Press.

Kasmore Rhedrick , USA CyberDodo Ambassador

Kasmore is never bored by the latest developments in communication technology and loves participating in the pursuit to bring something new and meaningful to the world wide web. Pursuing this interest has taken him to many different countries and "virtual spaces" where he has worked as an online editor, information architect, playwright and dramaturge.
Kasmore is happy to support the efforts of CyberDodo because he believes in the mission as well as the method of using digital technology to fuse together community, content and social-awareness.


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