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Star-studded event kicks off UN Women global gender solidarity campaign

Launching one of the largest solidarity movements of the 21st century, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson, opened a star-studded event in New York this evening with strong calls on men and boys worldwide to raise their voiced for gender equality today and women's empowerment.

In Uruguay, UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson urges women’s political participation

On her first country visit as UN Women’s Goodwill Ambassador, acclaimed British actor Emma Watson in Uruguay highlighted the need for women’s political participation as the country gears up for elections with a first-ever national quota law guaranteeing 30 per cent women’s representation.

UN reports one million children die on first day of life from mostly preventable causes

While child survival rates have increased dramatically since 1990, one million babies each year do not see their second day of life, many succumbing to complications during labour and delivery that could be easily prevented with simple, cost effective interventions, according to a report released today by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

UNICEF: progress for children rights in south Asia, but inequalities exist

Despite rapid economic growth and huge progress in realizing the rights of children, young people in South Asia are paying a heavy price, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) reported today, noting that “everybody in South Asia has an obligation – and the potential – to do more to realize the rights of every single child in the region.”

UNICEF assistance plays key role for Gazan children to begin a new school year

The devastating 50-day conflict has forced the new academic year in the Gaza Strip to begin three weeks late – on 14 September – the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said today, underscoring the serious psychological trauma suffered by the Gazan children.

No ‘back to school’ for millions of children affected by conflict, crisis – UN

Almost 30 million children are out of school in emergency or conflict affected countries following the targeting of schools and the displacement of millions of children forced from their homes and studies, the United Nations Children’s Fund said today.

UN releases new guidelines for child online protection

United Nations agencies, together with partners of the Child Online Protection Initiative, today released new guidelines to “provide the most accessible online tools for teens as well as to enable them to seek help and advice when they need it.”

Evidence on rampant violence against children ‘compels us to act’ – UNICEF report

Violence against children is universal – so prevalent and deeply ingrained in societies it is often unseen and accepted as the norm – according to new, unprecedented data presented by the United Nations today.

SAMOA: Pacific women, youth to benefit from partnerships – UN

Women and youth must be seen as partners in development and involved, not just included, in decision-making, according to discussions at the United Nations conference on small island developing states which wraps up Thursday in Samoa.

Citing women’s crucial role in peacebuilding, UN officials urge concrete support on ground

Women are crucial partners in peacebuilding and must be guaranteed the safe political space, including a seat at the “negotiating table,” to participate in all steps of post-conflict reconciliation and recovery processes, stressed high-level United Nations officials today at a Headquarters event.