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The keys to the Convention on the Rights of the Child (2-1)

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Are you ready to give your all to get to know the Rights of the Child better ?

Your mission: :

Cyberdodo has stored some important documents related to ‘the Rights of the Child' in various lockers, but has somehow misplaced the locker keys. Your mission is thus to find the keys and to locate the door providing access to the next level of the game.

Careful if you have not found the key, the door cannot be opened.

The game comprises 3 levels and also stipulates a time limit for each level. This means that the quicker you find the key and the exit door for each level, the more points you obtain. Another way to increase your score is by collecting apples, which represent extra bonus points.

In order to cross the most dangerous zones in the game, you can make Cyberdodo fly by finding the yellow boxes and make him swim by finding oxygen masks. When CyberDodo is underwater, a bar will appear indicating how much oxygen he has left. Therefore, you should try to help Dodo swim further by collecting additional oxygen masks along the way. (Be careful about the piranhas if CyberDodo is bitten, a life will be lost)

To see the text of the Convention, click here

To see the cartoon on the Convention, click here

To see the quiz, click here

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You must click on the left arrow to make Cyber Dodo move to the left and the right one to make him move to the right. The up arrow moves Dodo upwards, whereas the down arrow makes him move downwards.

Press the space bar to make Dodo jump.

One final « tip » : you will receive an extra life upon reaching 12,000 points, another one at 30,000, a third at 50,000 and a final one at 80,000.

Go ahead and get your game on !

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  • I adore this one...interesting and strong..!

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