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CyberDodo fights against hunger (2-6)

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‘Not having enough to eat’ is something that is so simple to describe and yet so awful to go through and you can even die because long-lasting hunger inevitably leads to death.

At the beginning of this 3rd millennium, more than a billion of our peers do not have enough to eat. This number includes hundreds of millions of children, of which almost 12,000 to 20,000 die of hunger every day; how is this possible, how is this acceptable?

It is not, indeed, it is shameful, it is monstrous, and it is inhuman...

And in fact it is man that allows this tragedy to take place day after day, child after child, death after death.

We, the CyberDodo community, reject this horrible thing and make every effort to ensure that no child suffers of hunger in all the parts of the world.

In order to increase awareness and to inform, we have developed (Click on the words to access the contents) a cartoon, a case file, a quiz and a game which are found on this page.

The ambition of this game is to show that it is possible to feed all the children in the world and that each one has the right to eat when he is hungry.

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Your mission consists of feeding children who are introduced to CyberDodo and Balthazar.

They are going to say what they want and it will appear in the ball above them, in the form of an image (For example, a bottle of milk). You should locate the food the child asks for on the table, click above it to select it with the left button of your mouse and click again in the ball above the child to give it to him.

If your choice is right, you will see the word ‘OK’, if not ‘KO’.

At each additional level (Information: this game has 4 of them), the complexity of the game will increase. To finish a level, you need to fulfil all the child's food requirements.

Good luck and be alert, because the more children you feed, the higher your score will be!

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