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CyberDodo and urban pollution (1-19)

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Cities have to deal with many types of pollution: water, sun, noise, light, electromagnetic as well as air pollution, which, sadly, is the star of this game. You will need to protect your lungs!

Your mission is as simple on paper as it is dangerous in real-life: surviving pollution caused by cars and navigating through a traffic jam... To help you, your characters (you have the choice between CyberDodo and his assistant Balthazar) are equipped with protective masks, but is this enough?

You must avoid harmful gases emitted on the road and recover oxygen reserves, this will help you to quickly understand the benefits of eco cars!

Do not forget to read the instructions below and consult the other entertainment available on your site: cartoon, case file and quiz.

Take a deep breath as you get ready to play...

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How can you accomplish your mission?

Be careful, you only have one life!

First, choose your character = CyberDodo or Balthazar

You must make your way across the city, but a giant traffic jam is blocking all traffic, so why not walk on pollution clouds? Wouldn’t that be a good idea? But they are hiding a trap, so you should actually jump from one cloud to another... and they are sometimes very far away, so there is a very high risk of falling.

You can use your mouse to guide where and how far you jump.

But that’s not all!

Around you, there will be dangerous gases (Carbon dioxide = CO 2, Methane = CH2, etc.) which you must absolutely avoid, because they will reduce your life expectancy (And your points), but you will also need to catch blue oxygen bubbles (The bigger they are, the more points you will get).

Good luck, don’t forget to breathe deeply. And may eco cars be the face of the future!

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