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CyberDodo and the waste of energy (1-20)

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Is it possible to imagine infinite growth on a finite planet ?

Will man of the 21st century have invented perpetual movement ? A phenomenon allowing our planet to continually produce without ever fully exhausting its natural resources ?

Of course not !

That is exactly what this game tries to illustrate it is a simple game to show you that nothing lasts forever. One moment the player is dashing left to right and back again to gather as many points as possible and then, as always, the party must stop. The player must take a break !

It is the same for our planet !

To see the animated cartoon about the waste of energy, click here

For the quiz, click here

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Instructions :The game is really quite easy. You must collect the maximum number of apples while avoiding the balls that want to eliminate you.

The harder you work it, the more points you earn.

Remember, nothing lasts forever – so enjoy it while it lasts !

best scores

nickname Date score
alex1 2009-04-26 23217
802 2009-09-05 15953
alex1 2009-04-26 14211
garyguiam 2010-08-30 13964
garyguiam 2010-09-01 13452

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  • soory not the price but the prize.

  • zezima what was the price?

  • Hi, I have written mail 2 time before, but still didn't get any reply, I have won the tournament 'Cyberdodo and The Waste of Energy (1-20)',I had scored the highest, I should get my prize as written on the tournament, please let me know about my reward?? I am waiting for that.... Regards Zezima.

  • Yippee…........................ I scored highest in this game require more games on racing ,shooting, killing etc

  • HI, I have written mail before but didn't get any reply, I have won the tournament 'CyberDodo and the waste of energy (1-20)' , my socre was the highest, how I will receive my prize?? Pls let me know.. ?? Regards-Zezima

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