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CyberDodo and Camels (1-31)

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Is it difficult to be in a camel race? Is it possible to catch diamonds by jumping up in the air or in your saddle? You can find the answers to some of these questions, thanks to this challenging game!

In the cameloid family, there is a camel with the scientific name of camelus bractianus which mainly lives in Asia and has two humps, and a dromedary, known as the camelus dromaderus, which mainly lives in Africa and has one hump.

This game mainly consists of CyberDodo playing the part of a Jockey who wants to win a challenging game that consists of no less than 7 levels!

If you want to improve your knowledge of camels, there is also a cartoon, a case file and a quiz.

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The aim is simple: to win the race!

In reality, your mission is to stay in the race for as long as possible while assuring that your enemies don’t go ahead of you as they cross the screen (left to right).

To speed it up, make CyberDodo jump up from his saddle to catch the pink diamonds by clicking on him with your left mouse button.

To increase your energy reserves, there are blue diamonds. To know how many are left, check out the blue ball at the top left hand side of the screen.

Careful, not everything you see in the sky is good for you! Do not touch the fruits, the green diamonds or the birds; they will eat up your energy and slow you down.

To enjoy riding on a proud camel as much as possible, you have 2 lives. These will be more than enough for you to be able to reach the end of the 7 levels.

Good luck and hold on tight!

best scores

nickname Date score
fadoui 2009-11-27 15306
garyguiam 2010-08-13 14249
mauricio 2010-03-24 13736
garyguiam 2010-08-30 13251
aseemcool007 2009-10-24 13197

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