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Bees (1-5)

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Do you know about bees, beehives and honey? You do? This will help you, because in this game, you will be the bee!

Bees are insects that are indispensable for nature, but they are an endangered species. Multiple chemical substances and other forms of pollution through sound waves have destroyed entire populations of bees throughout the world.

This game has 4 levels to test your capacity as a "pollen hunter". Go ahead and visit all the flowers, avoid poisons and think of how to use your energy to the fullest.

By virtually sharing the life of bees, CyberDodo offers you an original way to entertain yourself and become one of its strongest protectors

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You should show your talents as a bee by collecting the maximum amount of pollen possible and bringing it to the beehive in the time available.

Note, there are many types of pollen and a little of each one is needed for the beehive to open and also for you to access a higher level. Observe the counter at the bottom right hand side of the screen (You will know that the beehive is open when an arrow appears under the bee indicating the direction to be followed).

Nothing will stop you from collecting all the pollen so that you can have a better score, but keep track of time, which goes by very quickly!

Also beware of the bottles of poison, if you breathe them in, they will make you fly slower for a few seconds. However, there are also pots of honey that will briefly give you more energy …

Are you ready to talk, think, fly "Bzzzzzzz"?

Go ahead and play!

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mshahrukh 2011-03-09 46700
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mshahrukh 2011-03-09 46500
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