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CyberDodo fights against sexual aggression (2-33)

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Unfortunately there are several forms of child sexual abuse, including prostitution, to which millions have been subjected and this is the topic of a CyberDodo case file that you can look at by clicking here.

Child sexual abuse can be defined as involving a child (that is, a human being aged less than 18 years) in sexual activities that he has no desire to be involved in, that he cannot understand, that are incompatible with his development and/or his age, and which he is forced into by an authority figure, through violence or seduction, etc.

The first stage in approaching this painful theme is to give children a definition they can understand. Why? Because, true to its motto:

‘Freedom comes through knowledge!'

The CyberDodo team consisting of psychologists, experts, educators and of course their families has the ambition of informing children, so that they can demand respect for the Rights they are guaranteed by the Convention.

To help a child understand what sexual abuse is, it can be explained to them that their body is a treasure that they must protect and that they only have the right to decide who can see or touch it.

Even more so when it comes to his ‘intimate parts', which the CyberDodo Edupack explains as follows:

The body of a child is a treasure that must be respected and protected

The basic question remains, however, how to explain to a child that he should protect himself against aggressions which his personal development does not allow him to anticipate, neither to understand?

The CyberDodo Edupack offers games that present daily life situations with several possible attitudes by several adults, which enable the child to visualise behaviours that are acceptable and those that they must refuse.

Daily life situations?

Yes, because in the immense majority of cases (Several studies mention that it is 70 to 80%) a child who is a victim of sexual abuse knows her aggressor, who is usually one of her relatives (family, friends, neighbours, etc.); violence perpetrated by an unknown person is therefore not the rule in this type of matter, contrary to what a lot of people think.

It must always be borne in mind that more than 9 times out of 10, the sexual aggressor is a man and most often her father or father-in-law, in this case we would call it incest.

What types of sexual abuse are children exposed to?

They can be classified into 3 main categories, according to their nature and severity.

a) Exhibitionism, which consists in making the child look at an adult's body parts or sexual acts.

b) Touching, a practice that can consist of the adult touching the child and/or requiring the child to touch him.

c) Violation, that is, forcing a child to have sexual relations with an adult, which can take several forms.

In all cases, a sexual offence occurs when the child is not at an age where he understands the nature of the acts asked or imposed on him and does not consent to them, when these consist of threats, pressure, blackmail or they are offered in exchange for favours, gifts, or rewards of any kind.

In all cases, the situation that the child is forced to go through does not correspond with his age and/or his mental or physical development. This can also happen when adolescents abuse children who are younger than them.

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