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CyberDodo and the Eagles (1-21)

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Imagine a wingspan that, for certain species, exceeds 2 metres, or an ability to dive, or swoop down, at a speed of nearly 300 km/hr. This will give you some idea of the strength of eagles (For the record, falcons reach even greater speeds, see the cartoon that CyberDodo dedicated to them).

Exceptional gliders, they are able to use ascending currents to fly above their hunting territory for several hours without tiring. However, the minute they spot a prey, just an instant is necessary for them to fold up their wings and switch to attack mode. Downwards they hurtle, leaving the animal little chance of getting away indeed, these are very efficient predators.

It is quite interesting to note that eagles are able to lift prey that practically equal their weight !

Once one has had the chance to be in a region frequented by eagles, it will be easy to identify them by their fantastic wings which appear to taper into spread fingers.

Eagles are present on every continent on earth except for Antarctica.

Eagles, a powerful symbol for man

In love, the eagle is a loyal partner, as couples mate for life ; what's more, in order to seduce their partner, the eagle will perform veritable aerial ballets which would render the most capable pilot jealous.

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