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CyberDodo and mother’s milk (2-7)

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Articles 6 and 24 of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child deal with the Right to Life and the Right to Health.

Article 6 The obligation of the state to recognise the inherent right to life of the child and to guarantee his survival and development.

Article 24 Children have the right to the best state of health possible. They benefit from medical and rehabilitation services. The state focuses on the prevention and reduction of infant mortality; it fights against traditional practices that endanger the health of children. This is done through international cooperation.

In this context, a better knowledge of the advantages of maternal milk and extended practice of breastfeeding can concretely contribute not only towards guaranteeing better health for children, but also particularly towards saving millions of lives..

 There is nothing better for babies than their mothers' milk.

What is maternal breastfeeding?

This is the extraordinary ability Nature has given Mothers to produce the best food possible for their babies. Human milk is rich in thousands of components which together guarantee that the child being fed does not suffer from any need, so long as his mother's health has not deteriorated too much.

Furthermore, the composition of the milk changes with time; it adapts itself to the needs of the child.

What does maternal milk consist of?

The answer to this question could take up many pages, because this food is complex and complete, in short, you can refer to a case file on nutrition that we invite you to check and fill out your information, where you can find out about the proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements as well as a whole lot of substances with unique properties for the harmonious survival and development of the child.

For example, maternal milk provides protection against microbes for a baby; it contributes towards his growth, helps his digestive system to develop and particularly boosts his immunity system which at birth is only starting to emerge, etc.

Breastfeeding also has advantages for mothers because it is in fact proven that it reduces the risk of breast and ovarian cancer, helps her to recover her figure quicker and delays the return of fertility.

Can all Mothers breastfeed?

Unfortunately not; there are several reasons why women stop breastfeeding their children, from which it is possible to distinguish physiological, psychological and societal causes.

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