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CyberDodo and greenhouse gases (1-40)

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This is the question that CyberDodo was asked, and in response, he decided to go to space! This case file is therefore directly inspired by our friend's ‘observations', as well as those of the scientists who informed him.

It starts off with the sun sending us its bright rays every day, but what happens when they reach the Earth?

3 main phenomena are therefore involved:

1) A little more than a quarter is beamed up to space, mainly by icy surfaces (notably the Antarctic and Arctic) and white clouds, which are clear.

2) About a fifth of the sun's rays are absorbed by the atmosphere.

3) The remaining half is absorbed by the soil, which heats up. This is where the greenhouse effect starts This energy collected by the earth will be released in the form of infrared rays which in turn will be absorbed by greenhouse gases (GHGs).

The cycle has practically ended; this heat accumulated by GHGs will in turn be released, and this contributes to global warming. In other words, it is like a greenhouse, which has windows allowing a large part of the sun's rays to penetrate and retaining the infrared rays which are emitted.

What are greenhouse gases?

Are greenhouse gases dangerous?

In principle, the contrary is in fact true, because without greenhouse gases, the Earth would only be a ball of ice; it is all a matter of balance. This would be easy to understand if we could say that this cycle of the suns rays => absorption of energy => re-establishment would be completed without any results, that is, with no losses (because the temperature will go down) and with no gains (because the temperature will go up).

In this context, greenhouse gases are one of the major phenomena which enabled the emergence and development of Life on Earth.

Of course, our planet did change over the course of history, but the effects of these were felt over several centuries, even millennia, giving Nature time to adapt. Species have since disappeared, while others have appeared, and this is due to climatic changes.

But man profoundly upset the natural climatic mechanics, this is what we are now going to discuss

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