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Beaches (1-6)

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Beaches are fantastic places that are often associated with holidays. What a pleasure to find sand or clean pebbles, a clear sea and marine life intact...

Unfortunately, this is no longer always possible, because human activities have polluted the seaside in many ways.
Pollution of beaches is a serious phenomenon

Maritime transport, industry, tourism, all types of discharges, the list is endless!

Let's look at 4 examples of dangers that beaches must be protected from:

1. Tourism
Certain tourists are at fault, they do not respect the environment, acting as if it is not their responsibility They leave bottles, cans, bags, plastic, paper, cigarette butts, etc on the beach, and other types of waste which are even more dangerous for certain individuals, such as syringes!

But tourism can also degrade beaches by turning them to concrete; this is a picture of too many coasts disfigured by frenzied urbanisation, often linked to a lack of facilities for the treatment of waste water, which is simply discharged into the sea and returns to contaminate the beaches (See point 4).

The good news is that increasingly sector professionals understand that even the future of their industry depends on their respect for the environment and the implementation of true ecotourism.

2. Maritime transport
We often hear of degasification, which is actually an incorrect expression, because it in fact consists of de-sludging. For example, it comes from super-tankers which drain their cisterns in the open sea, it can also come from pleasure or fishing boats which discharge their used oil.

These pollutants land up reaching the beaches, causing serious and frequent contamination. 

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